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CharacterIX® Personality Inventory

Areas of Use

Recruitment Process

CharacterIX Personality Inventory offers institutions an different service in addition to the usual recruitment process practices: Institutions get the privilege of applying the CharacterIX Personality Inventory to all candidates who apply for an open position and to purchase reports according to the number of people they want to evaluate for the position. In addition, it is possible for a large number of candidates to answer the inventory at the same time during mass recruitment processes.


CharacterIX Personality Inventory is an effective tool for strengthening the counselling-coaching-mentoring services offered by institutions' human resources departments and that can be individually used for "self-assessment". With a different module that offers a report regarding the individual's values, it provides an extra contribution to the human resources practices and individual self-assessment efforts.

Building a Compatible - High Performance Team

CharacterIX Personality Inventory provides service reports that include the common aspects of employees and solutions for points of conflict. In addition, it helps to understand whether the potentials of candidates who apply for the job are necessary for the team.

Performance Evaluation

After the performance evaluation process, the performance targets suitable for the individual and department are clarified and the performance targets are determined in the most accurate way with the strong potentials and potential risk analyses.

Career Management

CharacterIX Personality Inventory can provide guidance services for career planning processes including promotion, back-up and even career transition based on the personality traits, attitudes and behaviors of the employees under stress.

Institution-Specific Work/Profile Competency Set

CharacterIX Personality Inventory provides the service of determining competencies for the relevant position, that is, creating task competencies for the position by choosing among 136 potentials in the selective competence module.

Training Needs Analysis

With its 'Corporate Training Suggestions' module, which offers an unique service, CharacterIX Personality Inventory is able to analyze the training needs of employees or institutions without requiring extra sources, and can report a total of nine trainings ranked from the most needed to the least needed training.


CharacterIX Personality Inventory enables the institutions to create their own leadership model or develop their existing leadership model with its modules that report on the thinking style, communication style, motivation style and leadership style.

Various Working Modules

CharacterIX Personality Inventory has developed different modules for human resources practices in institutions by foreseeing the necessities of today's business world.These modules are;

  • Emotional Intelligence Module
  • 21st Century Competencies Module:
  • Digital Competencies Module

    The Only Personality Inventory That Enables Analysis on Potentials

    The Only Personality Inventory
    That Enables Analysis on Potentials

    Our Scientific Study of Characterix Inventory
    Was Conducted With The Person.

    Our Scientific Study of Characterix Inventory
    Leadership Was Conducted With The Person.

    Number of Comprehensive Reports
    Created With Characterix Personality Inventory

    How to Attend to Personal Inventory?

    Points to be considered while solving our personal inventory in the field of Occupational Orientation and Human Resources (White Collar, Blue Collar).

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