►For whom teamwork training:

For those who work in groups and anyone who has to work. A plus one is greater than two. This synergy can only be achieved through non -mathematical teamwork.


Gives the ability to work with a team.

►Team Work Subject Headings:
● What is a Team?
● How To Build A Team?
● Role of the Leader in the Team
● Role of the Manager in the Team
● What is the Target?
● How to Create a Goal?
● Mission
● Target Identification
● VisionMission
● Who Will Lead and Who Will Stay
● Target Pentagon
● Seeing the Target
● Teaming Process
● Direction Determination
● Directional Union
● Becoming a Model
● Applying Teamwork Analysis
● Checkup
● Successful Team Members
● Unsuccessful Teams
● Managing Crisis in Teams Game (Application)

For whom teamwork training
For whom teamwork training
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